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Be Your Own Master Uncover Inner Power To Thrive In Change

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We help Entrepreneurs earn more without sacrificing themselves. If you think you only need more discipline and more hustle to survive, I can help you master what is happening right now to create the life of your dreams. Step into the unknown and discover your true potential in any situation.

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• Traverse the market changes due to COVID.

• Take the leap to start a business right now.

• Determine if it is time to hire more help.

• Help with making a big decision.

• Adding additional services or product lines.

• Adjust rates to become more profitable.

• The transition from working in the business to on the business.

• Sell your business and fund the next project.

• Take better care of yourself and work fewer hours.

• See the current challenges as the best time to change.

• Lead all your choices from abundance, not from fear.

Anthony Cortino - Business and Relationship Coach

I have suffered and hustled for years in the pursuit of my dream to lead my business. I worked hard long hours. I hustled because everyone told me that was the only way to get what I want and to be successful in my business. Guess what. When I had my first $10k Month; I failed in every other part of my life. I lost my balance and integrity with who I really was in a heartbeat. Something had to change. It was not the world or anyone else that needed to change. It was me! I turned inward and made the opposite choices that every guru and coach told me to do. I said no when others said yes. Now I have all the business I want. I have the relationships exactly how I desire. I and my family are thriving and I am happier than I ever thought possible. I am thriving in the present moment. Even when I hit the bumps in the road my momentum still goes. I speed up by slowing down and I coach others just like you to do the same.

How I support you:

I am your anti-hustle coach.

I will help you take better care of yourself so you can do 10x more with ease.

I will teach you how to be the lead in all your decisions in business and beyond.

I will show you how every challenge is the best opportunity to get what you want in your business.

I will empower you to see the roadblocks as a great opportunity

I will coach you to implement the new decisions to get exactly what you want right now.

I will remind you that you are the only thing in the way of your success.


Be Your Own Master Academy

Using zoom and other technology I can show you the path from where you are today to where you want to be. My program is methodical and still flexible. We will meet every week. We will bring both worlds together of your personal and professional development into one state of being. You will no longer see your life as compartments that need to be handled or checked at the door each day. You will learn to be whole and have full access to all your potential and a leader and the caring human being that you are for the rest of your life. You will have access to the group sessions as an added value. Access to my membership site and access to my support throughout the week.


Be Your Own Lead Masterclass

As your group facilitator, I support you in structured weekly zoom meetings with other students just like you. The class is 90 minutes long. You will receive 1-1 coaching during the sessions and the classes will be limited in size to guarantee your ability to speak up and ask for what you want. You will have access to the membership site just like the Be Your Own Master Academy Students. You will also have access to my support throughout the week.


Be Your Own Master Community is absolutely FREE and the best option for anyone to receive my support using technology on any budget. In the Be Your Own Master Community I will support all paying and non-paying students with a response within 24 hours on business days. Your job if you want my support is simple. Just show up with a clear question, raise your hand to be seen and I will be there for you.

What is the plan?

How It Works…..

Awareness “Identify where you are right now in your business. What is working and not working”

Momentum “Get clear about where your business is heading because there is no such thing as no change. Everything is always in motion”

Action “Every action has an impact and leads to a result. What actions are you ready to take or not take. Hint. Not taking action is still an action.

Choice “All plans have a synergistic effect and either in harmony or diss ease. Now you get to make a choice with more awareness and clarity than you have ever experienced before. It’s time to make a choice to do or not to do and you are responsible to make the choice.”


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Adult Skate Night BYOB!!!

CAR-VEL Skate Center Leon Valley

Adult Skate Night BYOB!!!

CAR-VEL Skate Center Leon Valley

Adult Skate Night

CAR-VEL Skate Center Leon Valley

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