Liberate your Emotions through Art

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Have you ever considered yourself an emotional person? That is ok because emotions are a big part of human nature. They give colours to our worlds and makes us very special creatures on this planet. However it is hard when you feel like drowning with emotions.

Reviews from previous workshops:

I almost didn't go, so glad I did! I came in feeling very low and with something that caused a lot of pain. I enjoyed the experience very much and left feeling very light and inspired! These 2 really know how to run a a workshop - make you feel welcome, are intensely interested in what you say, and have lightness of ease, and a sense of humour which is very much needed at times! in the workshop. Art as transformation - what a great tool to treasure!'

'At the beginning there was an underlying sense of anxiety or intimidation. At the end I felt a lot more hopeful, excited and confident'.

'I loved this Meetup! Great way to get in touch with your emotions and work through them. The lovely organisers made it easy to open up to this new way of experiencing and processing personal thoughts. Highly recommend!'

‘I am a creative person and love painting and drawing but it has been years since I last tapped into it. I felt I was ‘in the zone’ and the afternoon went really quick. I worked with paint and chalk pastels and came away with some lovely art that I am now going to use for my creative project with fabrics. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and I was really glad to be a part of it. I highly recommend this workshop’.

This workshop is going to help you experience your emotions in a positive way and find piece in your heart. You will learn:

-Recognise and connect with your emotions

-Take a glance to the world beyond your emotions

-Gain clarity and release negative emotions

-Tap into your inner creativity and positive energy through art

-Find answers to some of the painful questions that you may have

For those who don't know Hannah I would like to introduce my special guest who is an interpretive portrait artist.

She captures women's 'inner self' and 'authentic selves' through a Soul Portrait combined with 1-1 coaching. Hannah empowers women to push past their fears so they can live a life of self love and purpose.

She also has an exhibition on till 31st January @ The Gallery Cafe:

During this workshop Hannah is going to help us tap into our creative selves and show us therapeutic power of Art. And she has tried it on herself!

This is going to be a wonderful event that will leave you light. So come and learn with me and Hannah. As this is a very special event with limited places available and I encourage you not to delay and register yourself right now. Please give your self some time to get there as we would appreciate you come on time.

*NOTE* Only 10 spaces available so BOOK now:

We look forward to meeting you all soon...