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Hi lovely BeCalmers! I've been doing some serious soul searching and realizing what my heart's purpose for this movement really is about and it is THIS: connecting with people who are also on a journey towards healing through total unconditional love of self and others...

If you connected with my BeCALM Movement MeetUp group's message than you are my people. Give me your feedback and let's support each other!



The BeCALM Movement is made up of a fun group of people connecting with each other and coming together in their shared desire to create the best life possible for themselves and contribute to healing the world through all of the following:

BELIEF - We BELIEVE that we can truly change ourselves and our world through our intention! CALM people believe that the only thing that keeps us from manifesting healing, love, and peace in our lives and in this world is our resistance to believing that we can.

EXPANSION/ENLIGHTENMENT - CALM people are interested in expanding our minds, bodies, and spirits to their highest potential. We are encouraging each other in our pursuit of education, wellness, and enlightenment.

CANNABIS/CBD - CALM people recognize that the plant species Cannabis Sativa L. has the power to help heal us and the world through its medicinal and spiritual properties. We want to share knowledge and explore all the wealth and health opportunities that this amazing plant is offering the planet in our present age. We educate and discuss current events and topics surrounding medical cannabis.

ATTRACTION - CALM people believe that the Universal Law of Attraction (the energy that you project is what you draw to you) is real and that through understanding and embracing it, we can contribute to healing the world and create the lives that we desire.

LOVE/LEARNING - CALM people believe that understanding and learning unconditional, non-judgemental love of self and others is the key to EVERYTHING and that in order to heal the world we must first learn to UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE the world! We understand the purpose of life is to LOVE and BE LOVED. When we detach from the need to put conditions, rules, and constraints on love, we find are are finally free to BE L💚VE!

LEARNING - is another core purpose of our existence. We believe that there is no such thing as failure or or “bad” experiences if we just LEARN through it all and are grateful for the lessons that every experience in this life has to teach!

MINDFULNESS - CALM people believe that non-judgemental awareness and appreciation of each present moment and experience enables us to be grateful, peaceful, and joyful and to experience life in an enlightened and fulfilling way.

The BeCALM movement is for people who are done listening to the fear (whether it is inner-fear or the fear-filled chatter that goes on in our world) which keeps us from creating the life we desire. CALM people bravely think outside of the norm, reject fear, and refuse to participate in hatred and anger.

This movement is for people who are ready to start manifesting the life they want with no more hesitation or disbelief in their ability to do so.

This movement is for people who want to learn from and share with others how to do all of these things and connect with other like-minded people who are interested in doing the same!

See more info pages at https://www.meetup.com/BeCALM-Movement/pages/

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Exploring Medical Cannabis/CBD - Is it Right For You?

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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