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Bidwell Parkway, between Elmwood and Deleware. If there are already people there for some reason doing something else, we'll move to the other side of Elmwood.

This potluck PICNIC is for anyone interested in healthy eating and healthy living!

Most of the raw food community is NOT 100% raw (although this picnic IS!), and many aren't even vegetarian/vegan, so don't feel intimidated by us! We don't bite!!!


UTENSILS: Plate, canteen, fork and spoon. Also bring a serving spoon, tongs or fork for the dish you bring.

FOOD: A dish of food to share that is raw (never heated above 115 degrees), organic (no pesticides), and vegan (contains no animal products).

You may also bring several pitchers of water with lemon and/or cucumber and/or herbs added instead of bringing a food dish. Make sure the water is distilled or reverse osmosis water and bring it in glass pitchers, not plastic. If you bring water, please bring as much as you can manage. We'll appreciate this offering!


The amount you bring should be enough calories by itself to feed one person a large meal (at least 800 calories, which would be 8 oranges or 9 bananas, or 1-2 cups of a seed or nut-based dip, etc).

If you're inviting friends who are not making food, multiply your recipe size by the size of your party!

NOTE FOR NEWBIES: If you're new, fruit is fine! We love diced pineapples (organic ones on sale now at Wegmans!), berries, peeled and sliced kiwi, etc. If you buy organic fruit, wash it, dice and plate it, that counts just as much as making a raw pie. In fact, some of us PREFER plain fruits to fancy dishes, so don't feel like it isn't enough!

Another simple dish is to take organic apples, slice them, and sprinkle cinnamon and fresh lemon juice on the slices.

IMPORTANT ALLERGY NOTICE: Food sensitivities in the group are diverse and common. That is why so many of us got into raw foods in the first place!

Allergies and sensitivities in the group include mushrooms, sweeteners such as agave or stevia, oils such as olive oil or coconut oil, walnuts, pecans, coconut, hot peppers, onions, and garlic. Also, some vegans won't eat honey for ethical reasons, as it is made by the exploitation of bees.

A simple way to get around allergies is to mix your ingredients as little as possible.

***If bringing a salad, bring the dressing you make on the side!***

If making a dip for veggies, put the dip on the side. If bringing raw vegan tortillas, bring wraps and fillings separately. You can even bring a pie crust separate to its filling.


Bring blankets or lawn chairs if you want them.

Bring instruments, hula hoops and/or board games. We're playful people.

If you'd like to go the extra mile for the comfort of others, bring compostable plates, cups and compostable utensils as well. I can take these home after they are used and compost them.