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We are a local Grassroots Activist group with no ties to any other group (therefore, we are Independent and free to do as we see fit.) This is not a Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party group (although most of us could be categorized as REAL Conservatives who believe in small Government.) We are normal, every-day citizens who are fed up with what our Government has become. We focus primarily on Local & State Politics but also keep an eye on National Issues.

At the "core" of our Principles is returning our Government to it's original form. This Country was founded to be a Constitutional Republic and what we have now is a lot like a Fascist/Socialist "Democracy". Our Founders paid for our Freedom from oppression and Totalitarian Government with their lives and warned us against the dangers of a "Democracy." The Federal Government was formed BY THE STATES to perform certain tasks, with the rest being reserved to the states (see the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.)

While we have no official "ties" to any group, we will work closely with other like-minded groups to promote small Government, individual liberty, and Constitutional principles.

This will be accomplished through actions like the following (not an all-inclusive list):
- Education of the Public
- Fighting or Promoting Legislation where necessary
- Getting like minded individuals elected to Local, State, and Federal Government
- Pressuring currently elected officials
- Campaigning Activities
- Fund Raising
- Placing ads in print, radio, etc

Our group was formed as a LLC due to the many obtrusive regulations concerning non-profit organizations. The Board of Directors will compose of the following non paid positions:
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer

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