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Finally a tournament!! We've had plenty of requests so it's finally here!

We'll start at 3pm. The first hour is just for warmup. Following will be a 20 minute introduction which will summarize the rules, format, and refereeing/other responsibilities. The tournament itself will last 3.5 to 4 hours (the winning teams playing more than the others, plenty of rest in-between). Teams will split into two brackets after the first round. Both the winners bracket and the consolation bracket will have winners. More details coming soon!

The goal of the tournament is for all to have fun in a competitive environment. Select your team on your own... but note that the goal here is not to put together a team that will destroy everyone they play. Keep teams fair please. If it's obvious that a team is going to dominate before the tournament, the organizers will ask those team members to break up to make fairer teams.

If you don't have a teammate, post in the comments section here to find someone. If you have a team, please post the names of the two members of your team in the comments section so that the organizers can add you to the master list. If you can't find a teammate, just post in the comments section and the organizers will assign a teammate to you a couple of days before the tournament if possible.

Cost is 3 euros per person (6 euros per team). Note that all teams must pay even if you have paid five times for the regular meetups. All money collected will go toward prizes and expenses (minimal). A detailed accounting will be available just before the tournament.

Note that cancelations within 3 days of the tournament will be counted as a no-show for both team members. After 3 no shows, members are banned from the group.

Be sure to bring water! Teams arriving after 4pm (i.e., teams missing the introduction or arriving after the tournament has started) will not be allowed to participate.

As we won't have the budget for referees, we will go over everyone's responsibilities regarding assisting with calls and rules when you're not playing. Also, we'll need 4 volunteers to assist with the setup. Please let us know if you can help!


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