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Community building, entertainment.

Who Should Join:
Designers in all areas of practice and those interested in design thinking and design process.

Meet new people, and participate in analysis and discussion of design related issues.

Facilitating an entertaining discussion for a group is easier and more predictable when those who attend have a good understanding of how to participate. We know how to participate when we have some specific material (writing, art, video...) to gather around in discussion. This material encourages and facilitates participation by each member. This is easier with book clubs or skills related discussions where everyone is already invested in the material. It would be odd to go to a book club without having read the book right? This is why design discussion groups are almost nonexistent.

Defining topics for discussion can be complicated but worthwhile. Discussion about design when not about history or principals (like composition) bends toward practices as they are related to matters of concern widely shared.

Design practices are expressed in the context of markets constrained by feasibility, desirability, and viability of products and services. These constraints determine the content with which design practices become involved.

Beginning with the practices as they themselves constitute a matter of concern for designers we arrive at topics like.

Design thinking as it is related to excelence. Designers are all concerned with being successful which makes for an ongoing discussion of how and why design practices such as design thinking gain their purchase on empirical reality and make themselves useful to designers business and the world.

Asking this question in turn poses the question of defining “useful” for the world. The constraints of business do not provide sufficient guides to action for the creation of products and services in service of wellbeing. It is clear that many desires are potentially harmful and many potential products and services feasible and viable which can be harmful.

To the extent that designers play in bringing products and services to market, the burden of considerations of well-being should be rigorously considered for guides to action in the form of practices. These circumstances pose the further question of how to go about rigorously considering well-being as a guide to practices. In what way has design addressed this concern in the past and what plans are there for doing so in the future?

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Initial Meeting/ Informational Session

Needs a location

I'd like to have a meeting and get to know what the group is interested in learning/hearing about and we can then try to schedule future sessions. As I mentioned previously, I took this group over because I am always interested in learning new things BUT i don't have a background in this area, so I will need to rely on input from our members. Any suggestions as to location for this meeting would be awesome. Gregg

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Dinner & Drinks at One Red Door (Hudson)

One Red Door

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