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Budding, aspiring, closeted, wanna-be writers, unite! Have some stories knocking around in your head? Always wanted to write but never sat down to do it? Intimidated by writing groups that require you to bring pieces to workshop?

Beacon is full of accomplished, published writers. This is a group for the rest of us.

No experience is necessary to join. You can come even if you've never done any creative writing--especially if you've never done any! This group meets to do writing prompts, share and discuss what we write, and provide mutual support and encouragement to develop the writer within.

There's a paucity of beginning writer's workshops in and around Beacon. We don't have anything like Gotham Writer's Workshop in Beacon. The Writer's Studio Hudson Valley and the Hudson Valley Writer's Center are an hour or more away. It's time that beginning writers in Beacon connect with each other and build a community right here in town.

We'll explore fiction, poetry, drama, screenwriting, and nonfiction.

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Beacon Beginning Writers Workshop


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