What we're about

The purpose of this meet-up group is to help you connect with your Soul-Self, your Higher Self, and the Divine, through Workshops, Meditations, Retreats, Sacred Rituals, and Ceremonies.
The group's main focus will be on spirituality and harnessing the power within. The topics of the meet-ups will center around chakra rebalancing and healing, connecting to your soul-self, working with crystals, body talk, therapeutic healing modalities, negative energy clearing of body and homes, Sound & Vibration Medicine, Mindfulness, Light Healing therapy, aromatherapy, healing foods and healing the inner child.

Past events (6)

The Shamanic Journey Awaken

Doreen Mary Bray

BioField Quantum Healing Workshop

Doreen Mary Bray

How to Use Crystals

Needs a location

Sound and Vibrational Medicine Workshop

Doreen Mary Bray

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