What we're about

I am an entrepreneur with long history in business communications and relationship building, having overcome a wide plethora of difficult personal circumstances and trauma, with humour, realism, and clear perspective.

I am enthusiastic, compassionate, infectious and motivating, and my passion is helping others to gain balance and contentment in both their home and work lives.

I present and offer hands on, interactive behaviour/thought changing techniques also designed to resonate throughout your life in a supportive practice environment.

Rather than attempting to create intoxicating empowerment, garnished with slick buzzwords, I focus on more the fundamental elements of mental wellness, self care, balanced perspective, and dealing with the persistent fear of embarrassment that tends to paralyze. I foster and promote the flexibility that brings with it the actual potential for change, while always keeping two feet firmly planted in the real world. This tends to support building real ability and organizational skills, as opposed to just the feeling of ability.

I'm offering some of my services for free during some of my free time ... why? ... because sharing sometimes when I can ... is caring :-)

1/ Staying on course: One on one practice sessions on a weekly basis, online or in person. Sessions tailored to individuals and individual goals. Focus is on maintaining both perspective and gentle persistence. May include role playing in preparation for important interactions.

2/ Strength in numbers: Interactive group practice sessions, online or in person. Designed to promote trust, interpersonal skills, mitigate feelings of being alone with life challenges, and gain stability through a sense of camaraderie with others.

3/ Beat the day: 15 minute Online Morning Mindset Sessions featuring laughter, movement, and check ins in the privacy of your home to boost energy and enthusiasm. Turn daily stress or boredom into a fun and energetic launchpad that gradually finds its way into more and more of your workday.



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