What we're about

Welcome to Beautiful Business. Beautiful Life: Where Women Connect, Create & Collaborate (formerly Be YOU Business Sisters)

As the group continues to evolve, grow and connect, we are stepping into the energy of building beautiful businesses and beautiful lives. We can't have one without the other and we can't create either on our own.

The more we gather in deep conversation, creative play and collaboration, the more we can expand our businesses and our lives. Where women gather, magic happens!

Here's what you can expect at upcoming events:

**Meaningful conversation about what's present for you in your life and business
**A creative arts project to access your inner knowing and intuition
**Connection to other beautiful women who will become your best referral partners
**Community building and collaboration with your new connections
**Expanded weekend meetings that are like mini-retreats to make time for conversation and connection

I love networking and attribute most of my business success over the past 20 years to connecting and building relationships.

There are many amazing networking groups, organizations and Meetups out there that offer a more formal, traditional model of business networking. There is so much value in these models if they are a match for you.

This group is for you if you are ready for something different. Something bold and beautiful combines personal development, creativity and conversation with business building.

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