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This is a place for people from the area to meet up; To do things together, meet new friends or to try something new. Everyone is welcome including singles and couples. Events will be in mostly in Beaver county, but some events will be in Butler and Allegheny Counties.

If you can host an activity - even better. All ideas are welcome.


(1) You must RSVP for all events. Do not just show up, be respectful of the event host who has made a reservation or planned for the number of people signed up. Two show ups without signing up will get you banned from the group.

(2) What if you signed up for an event and cannot make the event? Mark yourself as not going to the event, do this as soon as you possibly can. That allows anyone on the waiting list a chance to attend. And it gives the host a chance to adjust a restaurant reservation or plan for a different amount of food and beverage if the event is at someone's home. As of June 1, 2022, if you miss two events without removing your rsvp from the list, you will be removed from the group. Also as of June 1st, 2022 All RSVP'S will close the day before the event. If on the day of the event you have a true emergency, please contact the host directly by private message or if you cannot get ahold of the host, please send me a private message.

(3) Wait List - at times the venue or restaurant has a limit on how many people can be seated together and receive separate checks OR if the event is at someone's home, capacity may be limited due to space. If there is a significant amount of names on the waitlist, I encourage those individuals to get together and do an alternate event or restaurant on that same day/evening. You can private message each other and still get together. Of course you may stay on the waitlist and wait for the original event to open up as members cancel. Please feel free to ask any questions about the waitlist at any time.

(4) We are ALL volunteers, rudeness will not be tolerated.

(5) Please be prompt to all events. Be at the venue, walk, restaurant or outing at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the activity. We will not wait for one individual to show up if they are late before starting an activity. This is common courtesy to the host and other participants.

(6) We have very few people that have been banned from this group. If someone is on the banned list, they must talk to the admin that banned them and resolve the issue before being allowed back into the group. They cannot come as a guest of a current member until the situation has been resolved and they have been removed from the banned list. This is in fairness to all members who follow the rules.

If you are willing to become a event host, please JUST ASK!

As a side note - this is not a site to advertise your business and I reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content or events.

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