FILMMAKING - Edit Like a Pro in Adobe Premiere - FREE WORKSHOP

Beazy's photography events Berlin
Beazy's photography events Berlin
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How to find us

Please ask at the cafe where the event space :) Just say you're here for the photography workshop

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The 5 euro fee is only so we don't have people taking up spots and not coming in the end. You will get your money back at the beginning of the workshop.


Over the course of my academic and professional film career I've seen many people use Adobe Premiere in ways that are, well, not ideal, and I
got that same feeling you might've had watching your grandmother try to open an email for the first time. This workshop is designed to turn the average/slow/casual editor into a lean/fast/pro editing machine. These will not be fancy tricks but simple changes to workflow, interface and technique that will SAVE YOU HOURS and make you the editor a director/producer will love to have.

Best of all, this is a trial workshop that I will use to gauge future workshops and therefore it is free!

For who?
Beginner to Intermediate Adobe Premiere Pro users who want to take their edit experience to the next level. In this workshop I will teach tips and tricks I've learned over 10 years of using Adobe Premiere that will dramatically speed up your edit time and make you a more efficient editor.

What participants need to bring?
If possible--Computer with Adobe Premiere Pro installed

The general techniques will be applicable to all edit platforms, but I will distribute certain class files that will be Premiere Pro specific