Mastering Light - Photography Workshop with Marc Orsini

Beazy's Photography and Filmmaking Events Berlin
Beazy's Photography and Filmmaking Events Berlin
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Karl-Marx-Straße 277 · Berlin

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We will be waiting outside with a big sign with Beazy's logo on it.

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Using a studio light is not as complicated as it seems, it can also be very subtle and as natural looking as you need it to be.
In this workshop I will show some equipment, what it does and how it can be used.
Considering it like an introduction to controlling light and a studio open doors. If you like it I will follow it up with more in-depth workshops.

For this first workshop I would like to introduce the studio and different light shapers.
Yes light can be shaped, and there are many ways to do it.
(Mostly with Softboxes and reflectors but also with lens equipped flash heads, like Fresnels. We will talk more about this don't worry)

My name is Marc, I am french and studied fine arts in Paris.
I have a studio in Neukölln and many "solutions" to support photography. I collected some original Broncolor studio equipment, I like to work with vintage, including film camera, therefore I have kept a practical set of tools offering a film camera feeling in the workflow.

I would really appreciate it if you can come on time. We want to have time for people to arrive, introduce themselves and get started as soon as possible.
The workshop will be starting at 1.30PM so please be there at 1PM.