Lighting For Fashion (Parabolic and Rim lights) - Photography Workshop with Marc

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After a short introduction that I did on Workshop #1 I would like to facilitate a new series of workshop with a capacity of 4 photographers maximum.
Every photographer gets the opportunity to shoot a model for 45 minutes.
I will guide you through a professional set up and guide them, as a result you'll bring home a nice Fashion portfolio.
(You obviously need to come with your own camera).

As the main light we will be using a Broncolor lighting unit with the parabolic shape Grand 120 (a large round soft box), set on the left of the camera.
We will set two other lighting units equipped with strip boxes (30x120) on each side and a bit behind the model.

To avoid the influence of stray lights on the background we put panels (or "flags" between the background and the lighting units. The panels keep unwanted light from the background and redirect it onto the model. This also adds more volume to the back light. The background itself will be illuminated by the main light only.

The background lighting intensity in this setup can easily be controlled by the position of the main light. If you raise the light with the parabolic higher and tilt it down to the model more sharply, the main light falls onto the model, and the background is only hit by the light coming from the upper peripheral part of the umbrella, so the background, in this case, becomes darker.

If we put our main light to a lower position and turn it to a more frontal direction, then a rather huge amount of light coming from the main lighting unit will fall on the background making it lighter, but an unwanted shadow coming from the model may appear at the background.

I am looking forward to do this!
Best regards