Learn How To Edit Like A Pro in Premiere - FILMMAKING WORKSHOP

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Beazy's Photography and Filmmaking Events Berlin
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This workshop is for beginner filmmakers who want to approach the field of Video Editing. The sessions will touch on a brief history of editing techniques and theories.
A great part will be used to explore the basics of the software using practical excercises.

This is a 6 hour crash course separated into 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

We will start to work with the software and we will learn how to use it according to our needs. Our main subjects will be:

• Workflow and timeline analysis
We will learn how to arrange a good workflow on our software in order to have an easy life during our creative work.

• Synchronization audio-video
We will learn different ways of synchronization and which parameters to consider in order to have a good output.

• Text layout
We will learn how to create and animate different kinds of texts inside our video projects.

• Transitions and narrative structure
We will learn different kind of cuts and transition and their narrative meaning referred to different genres, kind of product and dramatic purpose.

• Export
We will learn how to export our video and analyze different kind of outcomes based on different outputs.

About me:
My name is Paco Pennino, I’m an Italian freelance, but Berliner since three years.
I’ve studied Cinema, Theater and Digital art in Rome, and I mainly work as video maker and video editor and media trainer for European based projects since 2015

Software required: Adobe Premiere (any version)

Costs: 1st session: on donation basis
2nd session: 10€
3rd session: 10€


Liability Disclaimer: The organizers of this meet-up are unpaid volunteers and not experts. All participants agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own safety, conduct, and well-being and recognize that possible hazards exist while participating in outdoor (or any other) activities, and agree to participate solely at their own risk.