Experimental Photography - Analog photography workshop by Sandro Moscogiuri



During this workshop we will talk about experimental photography and how coming out of the box can positively influence the creativity of those who make commercial photography.
We will see short videos by Paolo Gioli, and works by Francesco Capponi, Brendan Berry and Thomas Goseet.

In the second part there will be a demonstration of what experimental photography is, photographer Sandro Moscogiuri will take pictures with his experimental cameras and will make a brief demonstration of the analog creative process.

This workshop will be given by Sandro Moscogiuri, a professional photographer working in commercial and artistic photography. His artistic process is completely analog, involving the use of cameras of any kind, 35mm, medium format, large format, pinhole and even cameras built by himself. Find more on www.sandromoscogiuri.com

The workshop will take place in the spaces of STATTLAB space for creative photographer and screenprinter.


Unfortunately, due to production costs, it won't be a hands-on workshop but only a demonstration during which only a few can have a direct experience. Afterward, those who intend to participate in a full 12 hours analog workshop can discuss with Sandro so it can be set up.