Introduction to Photoshop - Newbies Workshop by René Bade


* Three workshops will be hosted for different skills levels: newbies, beginners and advanced. Please book your spot for the workshops that corresponds to your Photoshop skills! *


We recommend all attendees to bring their own computers with the Software to get more hands on, but you can also attend for observation purpose only


René is an award winning designer, engineer, product manager and photographer. He studied industrial design engineering in the Netherlands and in Switzerland and worked for brands like Sennheiser, Hisense, Audi and Philips. His passion to photography made him quit his job, to get focused into being a full-time photographer and editor. With over seven years of experiences in photoshop, he is open to share his know-how to upcoming professionals, because inspiration and acquisition of new skills is very important to him. That's why he comes up with the passion to pass on his knowledge to like-minded people and support the next generation of creatives.


You opened Photoshop just a couple times, but don’t know how to start and finish your project right? That’s your fully detailed introduction into Photoshop, with focus on all essentials from start to finish a project.

1) How to start a new document
- Document adjustments
- Pixels and DPI
- Tips how to find the right pixel resolution for your project

2) How to start a project #1 (Layers interface)
- Layers
- Background, new layers and transparent background
- Opacity and surface
- How to organise layers (folders, colours etc.)
- Layers Shortcuts
- Layers effects
- Layers mask
- Channels and paths
- Layers adjustments
- Other tools on this side of the interface

3) How to start a project #2 (Toolbox sidebar)
- Explanation from top to bottom (only most important)
- Tools we go deeper inside: Move tool/selection tool/Lasso/magic wand/framing/repairing/pen/stamp/gradient/text/shapes
- Difference between selection and shaping tools
- All tools explained and showcases how to use them
- Tools Shortcuts

4) Start a project
- How to create shapes (rectangle etc.)
- How to place images (embedded or linked)
- How to transform subjects (transforming tools)
- How to use layers and effects to modify your subject
- How to duplicate and move subjects in line and other shortcut features

5) Finish your project right (how to save and export)
- Different kinds of saving options
- Difference between saving and exporting your file
- What is the right format for your project