Private Gold Reception ~ Financial Freedom through Gold in the Digital Era!

Because it's time
Because it's time
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2590 Walnut St · Denver, CO

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Inside the co-working space

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Our events are about success, education, awareness and empowerment.
We are about realizing our dreams and generating the cash for it! How about cash gold!?
It is time to be independent from a partner, a lender, an employer or a banker.
We deserve to strive financially to live a life we love. And pay it forward.
If this is what you desire... Join us.

In one short hour, you will:
- Discover a side of the global economy (crypto)
- Understand that financial situations can be transformed
- Find possibilities. See the light at the end of your tunnel, no matter what it is:
See what we are doing to change our situation: Stability of Gold and high returns and risks of crypto currencies are not opposite. We'll explain how we maximize both.

Now is the time! For Financial Freedom through Gold in the Digital Era!

This event is for you because:
- You are taking - or want to - take responsibility for your finances and your future. It's time!
- You are up to big things, have big dreams and need to start creating wealth
- You are ready for financial independence or to create a legacy
- You are looking for an empowering group people on the same journey.

What we are about:
This group is about education, success and empowerment.
A gentle offer will be made to encourage you to jump start.

What we are not:
Not an investment group nor a network marketing company. We are not financial advisors, wealth specialists nor will we be telling you what to do with your money.

This is a free event.