What we're about

Hey All, this is a Mens Group focused on becoming the best version of ourselves, on becoming more confident, stronger in our identity, and how we can improve all areas of our lives.

Our Goals will be:

- How to Stop caring about what other people think about us so we can do what we feel is best
- To reduce anxiety by spending more time connecting with others and meeting new people
- How we can express ourselves however we want whether we feel good or bad without being judged
- How we can stop fearing getting rejected by others as we know we are good enough
- To Stop judging ourselves for making mistakes
- To Improve all the relationships in our life
- To trust we can obtain whatever we want in life and live a life of abundance
- To find a purpose so we wake up everyday having meaning in our lives
- To adopt self-discipline so can remain focused and have consistency
- To take action and face our fears so we can grow as individuals instead of procrastination
- To find internal happiness regardless of our external achievements
- To me more charismatic, attractive and not overthinking what to say and how to start conversations with people
- To not be scared to voice our opinions and stand for what we believe in
- To have strong boundaries in place so we meet our needs and people don't take advantage of us
- To not want to mainly focus on chasing external validation from people and social media, and become internally focused
- To discover the true benefits of meditation and connect with our spirits so we feel free, internally fulfilled and discover our purpose

We will run Meetups at least once a month (Over Zoom for now), these will be sharing tips and advice, from myself and other experts, they will also be interactive so we can do practical exercises and share all our thoughts and beliefs so we can best improve

Look forward to see you guys soon,


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