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Hello! I'm starting this Meetup to find other people who are interested in losing weight and getting healthy. This is not a group for exercise fanatics or people who already live their lives in a healthy way, this is a group for men and women who have 20-200+ pounds to lose who are looking for camaraderie and support from others who are in a similar situation. The goal of the group is to meet others struggling with weight loss and getting active, while we do things that will allow us to lose weight and get more active. Ideas for meetups include: going for a hike, meeting to exchange healthy recipes, and going out to dinner and making smart food choices while we are at the restaurant. If you have ever wanted to lose weight and get more active, join me and we can support each other in this difficult, but so rewarding, process!

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Rescheduled event at Fresh Pita

Fresh Pita

Hi, I was hoping that rescheduling the Fresh Pita restaurant event would get more people to sign up if I scheduled it on a weekday. Sorry about canceling last time, I had to put my dog down that day and needed some time to be with my family. If the date for this event doesn’t work for you, please message me and let me know and I can change the date because I picked it at random. This restaurant serves middle eastern food as well as hamburgers and steak sandwiches. It’s up to you whether you eat healthy or not. I’ve never been there but it got good reviews online and the staff was impressively friendly and accommodating when I called about reservations. Hopefully you can come to this event!

Rescheduled Hike at Goddard Park

The Carousel at Goddard Park

The hike has been rescheduled from 3/10/19 due to rain and rescheduled from 3/23/19 due to the weatherman saying there will be “bitterly cold wind.” The next available weekend date I have that won’t be raining is Sat. April 6. Please check the correct date and time listed for this hike. I have changed our meeting place because it appears there is no parking near the office. WE WILL NOW BE MEETING AT THE CAROUSEL BUILDING. The directions are: take a left into the park, follow this road until you meet a loop at the end and can’t drive anymore. You should be at the beach and the carousel. The carousel building will be on your right. Park in that parking lot and meet us at the carousel. We will walk the bridle trails near the carousel and the beach. We can then decide if we want to walk more of the bridle trails. Please arrive on time, or message me on this posting if you’re going to be late. We will wait 10 mins past the start time for late comers. I don’t know the length of the bridle trails to tell you how long this hike will take but I imagine it won’t be more than 1.5 hours total.

Breakfast Recipe Swap

Warwick Public Library: Central Library

Hi, We will meet in the small conference room at the Warwick Public Library to swap healthy breakfast recipes and socialize. Please come prepared and bring a few copies of your breakfast recipe, or, if you only have one copy, members can take pictures of your recipe with their phones. Hope to see you there!


Warwick Public Library: Central Library

I've organized a potluck so our group members can bring healthy food to share for lunch. We will gather to socialize, meet members, and share healthy dishes, in addition to sharing recipes for those healthy dishes. Please bring one food item/dish, and at least one copy of your recipe. While your dish does not have to be homemade, it is preferable, and you should probably not bring processed foods if you are bringing store-bought. Also, we would like dishes, not just a bunch of bananas or something.

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Restaurant trip to Fresh Pita

Fresh Pita

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