Filming this Saturday - actor + camera holder sought - no experience necessary

This is a past event

3 people went

Needs a location


We'll film first 4 scenes of a short film,[masked]pm saturday. We could do it sunday if people can't make saturday.

There's no need to take it seriously, we'll just film quickly, see how it goes. If there's appetite we'll continue filming the story over the weekends after too.

for saturday we just need someone to be a camera holder and someone to act a part. I have filming/makeup stuff.

Broad theme is a character who has been cursed and flees into a country setting. There he meets a series of characters. the actor on saturday would be for one of these characters.

Scenes to film:

1. Character escapes town into field, dramatic short sequence.

2. Character encounters pitiful, troll-like boy foraging in hedges, basic make-up, I have this covered. This troll boy (actor can be any age/gender, doesn't matter) is a tragic figure of sadness, haunted, abandoned, expressive but has no dialogue. It will be odd to bring sympathy to such a figure.

3. Character and troll continue into countryside as sun sets (ie. 4.30pm).

4. Night scene - (ie. 5.00pm) - troll and character find very basic shelter. Desperation. Poor conditions, sense of despair.

That's all, enough to get the ball rolling.

Meet in Puregym car park, Manton Ln, Bedford MK41 7BJ - 3.30pm. Should be done by 5.30, let me know if you're keen to take part.