What we're about

WHAT IS IT? Elgin Beer and Hymns is a radically inclusive event dedicated to socializing, singing, and supporting local charities. This is NOT a bait-and-switch program, attempting to preach at you or convert you. It is simply a fun event for all people who wish to experience authentic community.

WHAT DO YOU SING? We sing a mixture of things, mostly hymns that are over 100 years old.

WHAT’S THE COST? There’s no pressure to spend money or to drink. We ask that you bring enough money to cover whatever beverages you plan to purchase. You may also bring money to tip musicians and bartenders as well as money to contribute to the selected charity (which will vary per event).

WHO CAN COME? Everyone! Thick, thin, tall, short, old, young, gay, straight, all are welcome. If you’re an every Sunday church goer, if you have a nostalgic interest in old hymns, or if you just like to participate in local community events, come sing with us! Whatever your story may be, you are welcome.

Past events (2)

Christmas Beer and Hymns!

Liberty Tree Tavern

September Beer and Hymns, Elgin, TX

Liberty Tree Tavern

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