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21+. We're a group of people who play D&D 5e in bars across the Northern parts of Virginia and the Southern DC Metropolitan Area. I've been organizing and playing in a weekly public group for more than three years straight, with a constantly changing game and campaign adapting to all the new content, players, stories and ideas. My 900+ member group has had over a dozen DMs, often three or four tables running at one time, and catered to scores of players all around Chicago and even around the world (in like 2 or 3 cases.)

I'm just now moving to Virginia, and I'm hoping to get this thing going in much the same way as I had in the Windy City. We're going to be looking at bars around the area and getting a weekly schedule to play D&D in them, and we'll post weekly events here that anyone can join, from those that only vaguely know about Dungeons and Dragons to veteran dungeoneers well equipped with their Guisarme and 10' pole.

For right now, if you're interested in seeing how this takes off, just join the group and you'll receive an announcement as soon as we start building the events. Hopefully you'll join the party soon.

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