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Befriend Bowling Returns! @ Zone Bowling Morley

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Tom L.


After a brief one month hiatus and missing the month of terror, Befriend Bowling is back just in time for the better weather so why not come down for a game of ten pin bowling at Zone Bowling Morley with the fantastic Befriend Bowlers on Sunday the 10th of November from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

Whether this is your first time bowling or have been bowling before, this monthly running event of Befriend Tenpin Bowling always brings a positive experience for our members, who enjoy a game of bowling and meeting new people. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!! ALL ARE WELCOME :)

If befriend members can please arrive 10 minutes early we can get started exactly at 4:30 pm. The reception at Zone Bowling will be aware of our group so Tom will have a sheet which you will need to write down your name and number of games you want to bowl and at 4 pm you will need to just simply line up to pay for the number of games you want to play and get your bowling shoes!

The number of games is 2 but I always give members who want to do 1 game that option. The cost for two games varies on certain prices (e.g concession, companion card, full price) ranging from $6.50 - $30.

For more information on cost of games you can find on their website

(note:shoe hire on website price is not included when you go up to pay, food and drinks are optional and there is a cafe of yummy food and drinks available if you may so choose!)

Tom also recommends that if you do, for whatever reason are running late, please contact or message Tom on the befriend hotline number (see how to find us).

So he can notify reception that someone is still arriving. However there have been instances were members have missed out, but can still participate but generally only can end up playing one game.

So with that in mind for late members please make sure you arrive on time or if for what every reason cant make it, please unrsvp on meetup (just incase if there is a waiting list of members can join in and have fun!). But if running 10 minutes late, it shouldn't be a problem as most times members are still lining up to play their games!

Please Note: For any member in a wheelchair at Zone Bowling Morley there is only one wheelchair access ramp at the end of the bowling alley so make sure you please give tom the heads up on the Befriend Number so he can try to book down the end lanes near the wheelchair ramp a week before the event if possible!
176 Walter Rd W
176 Walter Rd W · Morley, WA
How to find us

Look out for Tom just as you enter the front entrance near reception with a yellow Befriend flag. If you have trouble finding Tom please call the Befriend phone line on 0404 831 201 and you will be connected to your host Tom!

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