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Meditate easier with Sound and Music

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Meditate easier with Sound and Music


I am very excited to be facilitating Frequency Music and Sound Meditation at the Mindfulness Meditation Hub .
The music is produced with frequencies that allow the body, mind and soul to relax and achieve a deeper meditative space.
Each session will focus on a specific intention and guided meditation with a variety of music, sound bowls and tuning forks.

Start your week in a peace and harmony and the rest of your week will flow.

The Mindfulness Meditation Hub is a Pay from the Heart space with all proceeds used covering the rent and running expenses.

Perfect for those who find meditation challenging , need to relax and switch off or wish to achieve a deeper meditation.

I look forward to seeing you

In harmony

Mindfulness Meditation Hub - Perth
443 Vincent St W · West Leederville, WA
How to find us

It is up stairs.

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