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Pizza & Games Night

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Sandie T.
Pizza & Games Night


Who doesn't like pizza, and who doesn't like a bit of fun with adult games? We're combining the two for a tasty treat & healthy fun. I will bring some games, but feel free to bring your own as well. We'll meet at indoor entrance of Tavolo which is opposite the cinema ticket stands.

Tavolo is a tasty, reasonably priced Italian restaurant. Please bring enough money for food and drinks. And bring your sense of fun and adventure too.

Meet at the entrance opposite the cinema ticket stands. Sandie will have the yellow Befriend flag.
Tavolo @ Belmont Forum (Next door to Reading Cinemas)
Unit 5 237 Knutsford Ave · Cloverdale
How to find us

Look for Sandie with the yellow Befriend Flag at the INDOORS entrance opposite the Cinema ticket booths.

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