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Canasta in Waikiki . . . Anyone?

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Canasta in Waikiki . . . Anyone?


Canasta in Waikiki . . . Anyone?

Befriend Host Jeanne (pronounced - Jarne) has just joined the Befriend team & is keen to find people who can already play Canasta or are interested in learning how to play the card game.

The Canasta crew intend to meet up each week on a Tuesday morning from 9.30am at the Waikiki Dome - situated @ the Waikiki Village Shopping Centre on Gnangara Dr, Waikiki.

If like me you haven't played this card game for many years come along as I'm sure we'll all pick up the games rules very quickly.

Look for the Yellow Flag and challenge yourself & others to a fun game of Canasta whilst enjoying a refreshment from the Dome's Menu (at your own cost) in their stylish & comfortable surroundings.
Waikiki Village Shopping Centre
· Waikiki, WA
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