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Practice Mindfulness
Begin to Meditate We are super busy; busy stressing over the past and the future, our jobs and bills, our spouses and partners, our children, parents, siblings, and friends, and of course, Twitter, email, Instagram, Snap-chat, and Facebook. We leave very little time to strengthen the most powerful part of who we are from within. Instead we spend most of the day in auto-pilot; from the time we wake up, brush our teeth, make coffee, drive the same way to work, interact with the same people, come home, sit in the same chair, and watch the same shows, go to bed and wonder why our life isn't changing. We will spend time practicing at least 2 meditations to create more balance and focus to support being our best self. As part of each hour long session, there will also be a 10 minute wrap up with feedback and a practice assignment for the month. We will be seated in chairs so come dressed as you are.

Carrollwood Cultural Center

4537 Lowell Road · Tampa, FL