What we're about

It starts with a story. I had just moved to LA and I was riding around at 6am on a Sunday morning. I came up to a woman on a Suzuki stopped at a green light on a major road looking distressed. I pulled up and put my flashers on. Through talking with her; she didn't know all about clutch control, she said she stalled at every green light she came to. This just worried me that maybe the dealer didn't show her everything, or maybe she didn't take the basic ride course. I worked with her for a few minutes and she was on her way.
This is why I want to start this group. For people who just bought a bike for the first time, getting back on after years, people who took the weekend rider course but want to keep their skills sharp.
We will be meeting up to go over basics or riding, advanced controls, basic maintenance checks, and trying to figure out why our turn signals don't turn off by themselves.
At this point it would be great to help just one person and then to keep that going forward.
LA is a wild place for motorcycles, let's be safe out there.

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