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Yin yoga is a slow-paced practice, while holding poses for up to two minutes for beginners, then as you progress we hold for longer periods of time depending on the student's ability and openness to stay in the pose. The goal is to create mindfulness. Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissue (fascia) in the body to include ligaments and bones as well as joints. The practice focuses on moving energy or Prana so that we can heal the body. Please keep in mind I am located in Hillsborough, NJ. This is where I will be holding the meetups. I have had many people sign up in my other meetups that live very far from my area, and get disappointed that it just is to far away. The best thing to do is google map it from your area and see just how far it is. I will start holding this particular type of yoga as soon as the area in my cabin is ready to start having classes, probably by the end of January. Thank you for your patience and hope to see you for the first class! I know if you are a member of the group you will get notified once I schedule a class. As of now I am not sure of days and time of day. If anyone has any prefrence let me know on the discussion board. In love, peace, light and healing.....Namaste.

Hello members! I am really excited about the response to this class I am adding to my meetups. It seems like many are in need to create equilibrium in the body. We have our foot on the gas throughout much of the day, Yin yoga is a time to let all the stresses of the day go. I look forward to practicing with you all. Much love, peace, light and healing to you all!

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