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Mark your calendar and make plans to attend an All-Sangha Meeting on Saturday, August 17th (after a regular Saturday schedule, sans samu). The meeting will start about 1:00 pm and should last about 1-1/2 hours. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Who should attend?

BMZC practitioners and members. This meeting is intended for those who have visited and practiced at BMZC at least one time.

Why? What's all this about?

You've likely noticed that attendance for Saturdays (perhaps the most noticeable measure of our "size" as a sangha) has steadily grown, and so we're facing some important decisions in both the near term and in the longer term. In addition to physically accommodating everyone who wants to sit zazen and attend services at BMZC, it's important that we also "make room" for everyone in every other aspect of our practice. And so the BMZC Board has been looking at the challenges and opportunities that come with our growth. This All-Sangha Meeting will be a chance for us all to gather and reflect on who we are, what we do, and how we can work together to create a more effective and sustainable refuge for Zen practice.

Based on the Board's recent work, the tentative agenda for the meeting is as follows:

- Short "State of the Zen Center" reports from BMZC's President, Tanto and Ino

- BMZC Financials (good news... don't worry!)

- Zendo space: plans for the near term and options for the long term

- Presentation of our first draft of formalized ethical guidelines and conflict resolution procedures

- Connecting to the Center initiatives: how you can become more involved in your sangha!

- BMZC Outreach, Image, and Practitioner Suggestions

As the August 17th meeting approaches, we will be finalizing the agenda.

We hope to see you at the All-Sangha Meeting… and in the meantime, as well!


  • Former member

    Former member

    I find myself unable to come to this important meeting or indeed to service in the morning, alas. It is my wife' 40th birthday and I am throwing her a surprise party!

    4 years ago
  • Former member

    Former member

    A friend is moving and some other friends dropped out, so I will be filling in.

    4 years ago