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Come out and join us for Saturday Morning Tennis!

We don't expect that everyone will want to get there right at 9AM so if you can't make it until later, that's perfectly fine. We usually play from 9:30 - 12:30 (sometimes even later). You can show up anytime.

NOTE: During the summer months we have been ending around 11AM - 11:30AM.

After we finish playing, we find a local restaurant to grab lunch at. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you can't make tennis but still want to join for lunch, contact me (Stephen Zabrecky: 219 - 218 - 7500) and I'll keep you posted on where we go.

I know Saturday doesn't work for everyone. Let me know what does by heading over to the Poll's page (More > Polls) and filling out the "When does Tennis fit in your schedule?" form.

Hope to see you out on the courts!