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Hello all, my name is Louise and I am absolutely obsessed and passionate about yoga and have been for some 30+ years!

Having been plagued with M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome), anxiety & depression throughout my life, yoga, together with meditation, good nutrition, personal development and a healthy lifestyle, have literally turned my life around.

My key objectives in life are to inspire & energise others to also take action and transform their lives. On that basis, 12 years ago I completed a foundation degree and diploma in nutrition with Patrick Holford’s, Institute of Optimum Nutrition and this year have commenced my first official yoga teacher training course.

… and so, here-in lies the reason for starting up this group. I am looking for guinea pigs (not literally!) who would like to give yoga a go. Perhaps it is something you have been thinking about for a while and just not got around to doing it, perhaps you are frustrated of waking up stiff and achy for no apparent reason, or perhaps like me, you are just plain fed up with waiting for a miracle cure to happen to get you well.

I personally have a daily yoga practice which incorporates many different styles of yoga from Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Seasonal (incorporating Ancient Chinese Philosophies) Yin and Kundalini. It really all depends on how my body is feeling that day and in that moment. In yoga there is always something for however you are feeling whether that be strong, powerful, energetic right through the spectrum to physically or mentally tired or exhausted, angry, sad, anxious or agitated – even just 10 minutes on the yoga mat can help release stagnant energy and help turn your mood around.

So, the classes I am offering will be based on Hatha and Seasonal styles of yoga (working on postures that stimulate the meridian lines associated with the season of the year) and will be based at a beginners level of practice so no experience necessary!

During my teacher training I will not be charging for classes other than asking for a donation towards the cost of hiring an appropriate studio. Location wise, it will be around Durley / Bishops Waltham / Wickham or Hedge End directions. I am also happy to carry out sessions on a one to one/two basis.

If this sounds of interest or you have any questions, ideas or thoughts, please do get in touch!

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