What we're about

We started this group for anyone that is just getting started in real estate and wants to start right. If you have never closed a deal or have closed less than 5 deals - this is the right place for you. If you have a full time job and only have a few minutes each week to work on real estate you can do this. Some of the most successful real estate investors are those who have a regular job and do real estate on the side.

The purpose of this group is to educate and network you with people who have done deals and get you working with the right people to be successful. We will be talking about getting started in real estate, the best ways to find deals here in Utah, how to know it's a deal and how to make almost any house turn into a deal. How to find money and partners to get the deal done. How to find buyers for wholesale deals. We will network you with the right lenders (Regular, Private & Hard) , title companies, etc.

We are a group of investors that have closed hundreds of deals in Utah and 90% in the Salt Lake area. Our goal is to network with anyone getting started in real estate and those who have done deals, to help them find more deals and figure out how to turn almost every house into a deal. We find working together we can get more deals done.

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