Beijing SofAI’s workshop on Python Data Types and Operators & Data Structures.

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Date: 18th of March
Time: Workshop last 2 hours from 7 pm. People are encouraged to come 15 min earlier to ger ready.
Agenda of workshop:
• Recap of what’s learned from Data Types and Operations & Data Structures.
• Additional programming hints, deeper cover of methods and functions on Data Types and Structures.
• Solving programming challenges from HackerRank and Codewars to consolidate studied materials.
We have a Python mentor Max Pechyonkin (DL engineer) who’ll guide our members.

Prerequisites to join a workshop: Completed first three lessons from “Introduction to Python Programming”*

* To enroll in this course you need to use VPN (to land on Udacity US website). After enrolling, you can study from without VPN.

For Address, please see a poster

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