What we're about

Beijing is such a beautiful city and there are many ways to explore it. We are sick of people inviting us to the conventional, overrated and boring touristy places. We demand for something different, so what we wanna do is to gather all you adventurous people out there for some intense outdoor fun! It doesn't matter if you are young or old, fit or unfit, as long as you like to go out into the nature and enjoy some of that sun, join us! We organise regular biking and hiking trips around Beijing. Sometimes, we get a little wilder and go to other cities too. Join us and let's start rollin'!

Event info:
We have a full range of events, some free and some are not. We welcome any of you to step up and take the lead. Organise anything you want! Tell us your ideas and we will try to make them possible (as long as they are humanly possible of course.) Or you can rally the members on your own and we will aid you in the process. This is a one for all and all for one club! :)

Past events (258)

Outdoor Adventure Meetup (Free social event)

10 Shique Hutong

10000 Steps

Beijing Olympic Forest Park

Community Casual Meeting at Wework

Needs a location

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