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[Weekly Partner Club Activity] Playing Squash at Lido Country Club
Hello Adventurers, We all know there is no match for sunshine and breeze outdoors in the arms of mountains. That said, we should all have our Plan Bs saving for a rainy day. That's why BOAC has teamed up with Beijing USS Squash Club to bring you a weekly squash session at the classy Lido Country Club every Saturday morning. Looking to burn some calories after a nice Saturday brunch at Lido cafe while making friends on a raining morning? You've got to come to this. USS-Squash Club&BOAC Member Benefits: • USS ( ( is founded in 2005 by Mr. Ren Zengli. Being the first Squash Club in China, USS has grown to play on first-class courts in Beijing, including China Hotel at Guomao and Lido Country Club. In addition, USS has the most experienced squash coaches in China providing instructions in both Chinese and English. • BOAC Member Benefits: By reserving as a BOAC member, not only will you be exempted from the 300RMB annual USS membership fee, you will also get to play at a hugely discounted rate of 150RMB/2hrs on one of the best squash venue in Beijing and access the state of the art locker and shower rooms. And you don't have to bring anything, all the equipments including rackets and balls are provided by the club. • BOAC Member-Exclusive Introductory Training: If you want to learn how to play, that's even better. On top of the above mentioned benefits, you will get to take an exclusive 2-hr introductory course with experienced coaches at the price of 250RMB/2hrs. The Venue: Introductory Squash Course: • Origin of Squash 5-10 mins • Basic Squash Rules 5 mins • Holding rackets;Front hand movement 15mins • Front hand ball hitting 30 mins • Back hand movement 10 mins • Back hand ball hitting 30 mins • Mini match 20 mins The Coach: Mr. Ren Jiangfei Level One Asian Squash Coach • 2012 China squash tournament champion for Wuhan Stop • 2012 China squash tournament champion for Beijing Stop • 2012 China squash tournament champion for Dalian Stop • 2013/2014 Chongqing squash open champion What to bring/wear? • A bottle of sports drink or water; • Tennis shoes; • Protective eye-gears if needed; • Personal shower gel&shampoo Safety Information: • BOAC prioritizes safety by operating within standard procedures • Squash can be an intense sport; Therefore please fully warm up before going onto the court; • Please follow the coach's instruction under all circumstances; • Please wear protective gears according to your own heath needs; • Please take care of your own belongs while on the court. Inquiries&Reservations&No-Show Policy: • If you have any inquiries, please feel free to post questions below. They will be answered in a timely manner. • To reserve a spot, please RSVP on this page. • To cancel a reservation, please cancel the RSVP on this page at least ONE day in advance. Members who fail to cancel will bring trouble to the organizer. Therefore, after two no-shows, you will no longer be able to join BOAC's events. Payment Method: • To make payment, please bring the exact amount of cash to the venue and provide the name you used to make the reservation.

Lido Country Club Squash Courts

No.6 Jiangtai Road, Lido Square, Chaoyang District · Beijing

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Beijing is such a beautiful city and there are many ways to explore it. We are sick of people inviting us to the conventional, overrated and boring touristy places. We demand for something different, so what we wanna do is to gather all you adventurous people out there for some intense outdoor fun! It doesn't matter if you are young or old, fit or unfit, as long as you like to go out into the nature and enjoy some of that sun, join us! We organise regular biking and hiking trips around Beijing. Sometimes, we get a little wilder and go to other cities too. Join us and let's start rollin'!

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We have a full range of events, some free and some are not. We welcome any of you to step up and take the lead. Organise anything you want! Tell us your ideas and we will try to make them possible (as long as they are humanly possible of course.) Or you can rally the members on your own and we will aid you in the process. This is a one for all and all for one club! :)

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