What we're about

Hey guys, as the Chinese New Year approaches, those who "stuck" in Beijing and have nothing else to do during the long holidays like myself should come together and see the natural beauties of this city. As for what this “club” can offers, I believe a collective decision is the best answer to the question. I am looking forwards to make new friends with shared hobbies. I personal prefer 2-3 days hiking trips to explore the surroundings of Beijing instead of a day trip. That way the cost for transportation (not monetarily but also in terms of time) will be dispensed on days instead of a day. Although I pick English for this introduction, I actually come from Hong Kong, an international city of china. The fact that I use English instead of Chinese is because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my Beijing friends. I am more than happy to meet local friends as much as expats, after all , it is the way how we admire beauty that bring us together instead where we born.

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