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What we’re about

Welcome to join the intellectual & creative community at one of the best cities in the world

BEIJING's Startups, Professionals & Business Community

北京专业青年, 创业/企业家, International Executives, Professionals, Business Owners plus Renowned Speakers from Around the Globe


FREE Service to Business Owners, Professionals & Entrepreneurs in Beijing

Graduate students & researchers are welcome too! 

• Networking & Socializing

• Learning, Sharing, Seminars & Workshops

• English-speaking environment with our international friends & professionals

• Fun, Parties & Activities

* And many things else beneficial to the TECH & STARTUP community in Beijing--you name it!

Who do we have amongst us?

This group is for those of us dreamers with big ideas, who have actually been doing something to build up dreams, and ready for others (investors, mentors, or co-founders) to help make our dreams come true. This group is about a combination of talented people, young or seasoned, with the ability to build the next big thing on the Internet or mobile world, and change the world for better. The group will have technical, marketing, and content contributors, focused on a few topics at a time, with specific goals in mind. 

Big dreams need not be restricted to Silicon Valley--with the talents, diversity, and economic power in Beijing, let's prove that we can build startups, and make something BIGGER & STRONGER !

A cool group of talents with lots of ambitions

- Entrepreneurs & Innovators

- Engineers & Programmers

- Marketers & Financial Analysts

- Social Media Experts & Web Designers

- Investors & Mentors

- Tech Enthusiasts & Frontiers

- Legal & Insurance Professionals

- Researchers & Graduate students

Together, We Can Achieve Something Great--Individually & Collectively

Core Values:

Quality Life: Healthy, Successful, Fulfilling & Enjoyable

Achievement: Change the World for the Better While Making a Fortune

Social Entrepreneurship:

Identifying or recognizing a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change.Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society.

Global Collaborations, for a better world:

Social entrepreneurship practiced in a world or international context is called international social entrepreneurship.