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Believe it or not, the best way to feel better about yourself is to proactively help others. And if not more, we believe the most convenient way to help people in need is to listen to their stories. Sometimes, a good listener is hard to come by.

At Beijing Story, we are committed to create an environment conducive to sharing of universal human experiences. Regardless of your background, you will be surprised by the amount of experiences you can relate to other storytellers.

Every weekend, we gather together from all walks of life in Beijing to open up to each other and share our deepest human concerns over a wonderful cup of coffee. Please join us on our venture to create a variety of events with significant impact on the community.

An ideal story teller is compassionate, sensitive, patient, humorous, worldly, attractive, and looks like movie stars. When you join us, you'd automatically assume all the above-mentioned qualities. :-) Promise.

In general, this is a group for anyone interested in learning about ways to maintain and improve your life quality in general and your mental health awareness in particular. Specifically, doors are wide open to those who have personally fought against mental health challenges and those who are seeking to land their feet on the ground after recovery. However, as of February 2015, more than half of our regular active members have always been blessed with perfect psychological health throughout their lives.

Through personal stories that will blow off your mind, Beijing Story strives to explore the commonality in human experiences so as to advance members in all fronts of their life. Also, this group aims to educate the general public on the commonality of mental health issues, which undoubtedly have their own significance in human experiences. Lastly, it seeks to provide for those who have suffered from mental health problems an intimate yet powerful social network to further their spiritual transformation and career advancement.

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