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Dance meditation , dance and have fun :)
Ecstatic awaking trance dance . Come and journey through movement, dance , breath work and kundalini shaking .bringing your body mind and soul to complete ecstasy . AND experience joy through the hole body though movemnet .!! .No dance experience is need .Just come move and experience joy Ecstatic awaking dance has it roots in shamic trance dance and Osho meditation technique. Expect a journey of coming into your body, finding your movement , as each movement has its own story to tell and allow your body to tell its story !!. .step of out of your mind into peace .through this you can experience healing .clarity and life changing revelation. With inner peace and harmony . With Breath work staying present staying in the now allowing the message of the body to come . With shaking we release all the blocks and awaken the journey, allowing the energy to build . We dance the journey from deep within .Most of this journey is done with closed eyes taking u deep within to observe release and transform through movement . And we drop into silence. Back to being nothing but pure energy .One with all creation . A journey of dance !!! Ecstatic awaking Dance . Lulu : certified ecstatic awaking dance teacher has started her journey of movement many years ago ..for her movement is a path to enlightenment. We learn a lot through free movement in the body .we store a lot of memories and emotions in the body and these can be healed transformed through movement. Lulu has hosted and guided Sacred Ceremony and dance journeys around the world helping people to align themselves with their greater potential of living in joy love and success. We have all the answers within ourself . Through movement we can access clarity more easy. See u on the dance floor donations R100

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