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I am a Woman.

I am a Woman because…

…and here is where the story starts. How do we define the essence and multifariousness of the experience of being a woman? How does it feel and what does it mean to be a woman? Are we really stepping into our true womanhood? How connected are we with our sexuality? Are we embracing our nature and living our truth? Do our daily lives, our activities, state of health, career and relationships reflect our feminine essence, our wisdom, passion, creativity and heartfelt longing?

The purpose of this circle is to create a safe, sacred space for women to explore and express themselves.

Here we connect with womanhood, our inner selves, our femininity, our history and our present. Free expression and guided processes (mainly Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic) and the support of the group enable each of us to enter deeper levels of our psyche, feel into our body, our sensations, emotions, our soul and spirit.

This is an opportunity to discover and integrate the totality of our Feminine nature at a deeper level — body, mind and soul.

An intimate, magical setting where we can explore and celebrate all that is Woman!

Event host - facilitator: Elena Angel

Please check individual event descriptions for details of venue, cost and special themes.

Further details – information: call 07576 366 197 or e-mail info@elenaangel.com

www.elenaangel.com (http://www.angelshakti.com)

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Columbia Hotel (Lancaster Suite)

Women's Circle Cacao Ceremony: Spring Healing

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