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Every 3rd Friday of the month

Price: $10.00
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A couple of quick notes about Mesa Blanca:
1. Please Wear All White if possible, the lighter your clothing the easier it is for the mediums to see what kind of work needs to be done.

2. Your offering ($10) is considered an Energetic Exchange for spirit. Spirits enjoy different offerings depending on their energetic level. Lower level spirits enjoy offerings such as alcohol and tobacco, while higher level spirits enjoy offerings such as incense, flowers and fruits. By giving with an attitude of gratitude you are creating an energetic offering to Spirit so they will be willing to work on your behalf.

3. Everyone in attendance will be worked on energetically whether you are in the "hot seat" or the gallery. Those that are called to the hot seat have been chosen by Spirit due to a greater need for more intensive cleansing and guidance. Those that are in the gallery are requested to maintain an attitude of openness and prayer as they too are being worked on in a much more subtle fashion.

4. While we strive to see everyone in the "hot seat" the work is very intense energetically and is quite tiring for the mediums. We have been able to see an average of 5 - 10 people per mesa.

5. Please reserve the first row of seats for those that are attending for the first time or for those that have been specially asked to come for a healing. If you have been told you need a healing at a reading with Leslie or by Diana please let us know upon your arrival so we can inform the mediums and do our best to accommodate you. We will do our best to ensure you are seen however as it was mentioned before whoever is seen in the hot seat is dictated by spirit.

6. In order to maintain the energy and protections extended to everyone present doors will be locked at 7:30 no one will be admitted after this time, no exceptions.

About the Mesa and What to Expect:

Mesa Blanca loosely translates into “White Table” a term used to refer to a Shamanic Ceremony of Caribbean Spiritualism. This ceremony utilizes the gifts of several mediums, channelers, or psychics, working together to connect to higher spiritual vibrations. They are then able to give messages, clearings or guidance for the highest good of the individual they are serving.

After the alter or mesa has been set with sacred items such as holy books, a rosary, chalice of water, and incense, a candle is lit. While lighting the candle the mediums offer prayers seeking the blessings of the Divine and to call in their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angles.

Once The opening prayers have been made a few words may be shard with the group as the mediums begin to receive messages from spirit for the people that have gathered. Typically the mediums will work with those Spirit deems to be most in need of healing first. In order to show you are open to spirit and willing to receive messages it is recommended that you abstain from crossing your legs or arms. This is believed to cut off the energy and is a sign that you do not wish to communicate.

The healing process can vary greatly for each individual depending on their needs as dictated by Spirit. Often times a chalice of water will be used to help clear stagnant energy. Various mantals (cloths of different colors) will be placed on the person being worked on as well as those in the gallery as needed to bring in the Divine Energy represented by the color of the cloth. These healings can help to release past emotional traumas, as well as removing the energetic blockages that cause problems for us on the physical plane.

Once all of the healings have been delivered the mediums will then begin to give messages to those individuals with questions. The mediums have answered questions in regards to all aspects of life especially on matters concerning relationships, career paths, prosperity, and spiritual guidance. Discretion is always used when messages are deemed to personal for a group setting and will be passed on privately.

Mesa Blanca offers everyone the opportunity to heal and learn through the lessons of others. It is often said “We are All One” and that the lessons can be applied to everyone present to help improve their life.