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Sunday Service Sunday services start at 10:30 am Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is an organization dedicated to helping you discover your deep inner passions. To awaken the Call of Spirit in your life. Our Sunday Services are a place to celebrate Spirit and to Experience the beautiful messages Spirit has to offer. Come and join us Every Sunday at 10:30am in receiving messages delivered by our Highly Gifted Channelers from the Ascended Masters, Angles, and other High Vibrational Beings. While our services cover a wide range of spiritual topics and beliefs we are firmly committed to an open and loving acceptance of all spiritual traditions. It has always been the intention of the Being One Center to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people from all faiths to find a home with other like minded spiritually curious peers. We strive to create a space where anyone that is seeking love and light can come and find spirituality that resonates within their own heart. From time to time we welcome Inspirational Speakers from various Spiritual Traditions to help you discover your path back home to Source. Ascended Masters The Ascended Masters are an elite group of highly advanced souls that have dedicated their existence to the upliftment of the human race. Some of the most notable spiritual teachers of all time are considered to be Ascended Masters. Jesus the Christ, St. Germain, El Morya, Quan Yin, Mahaavatar Babaji, Gautama Buddha, and many many more. These masters are able to communicate with us through our own inner practice of meditation, writings, and prayer. They are also able to connect to us through the use of a Channeler. A channeler is person with a spiritual gift that allows them to become a vessel for the masters to use to deliver their messages. When a person is channleing a message often times their mannerism change as well as their vocabulary. At our Sunday Services Ms. Diana Luz often channel the masters to deliver their messages of hope, peace, and love. The ArchAngels Michael the protector and leader of all angels, Jophiel an illuminator of wisdom, Chamuel the ray of love, Gabriel purity discipline and order, Raphael healing, Uriel Peace, Zadkiel forgiveness. Each and everyone of the Archangels carries with them a specific aspect of God’s Unconditional love. They are able to manifest that energy in our lives directly or through the many angels that work under their guidance. As messengers of God they often come to speak giving insight in to the world around us. Sometimes they speak of divine love other times they give transformative healing meditations and techniques. Extraterrestrial Light Being While channelings of our Extraterrestrial Brothers of light are not as common at Sunday Services they do from time to time deliver messages. It has been said they have been with us since the creation of earth guiding us from behind the scenes. There are hieroglyphs of E.T.s all over the ancient world. Many ancient and modern legends tell of their wisdom and knowledge of technology. Stories have been told about UFOs appearing over nuclear missile silos shutting down our weapons as we were on the verge of war with the Soviets preventing global catastrophe. While there are many different types of E.T.s throughout the universe we work with those that are of willing service to the Highest Good for all beings. What People Have Said: “Another great Sunday service! These are the perfect way to start off a brand new week :)” -Kristi “5+. Amazing people; great space and vibe. I will definitely be back.” -Karen “Loved the energy today. Always divine, always amazing!” -Sam “Just wonderful…. treasured moments spent experiencing the divine inspiration of Wisdom Incarnate. A thousand “Thank Yous”” -Toni “It’s always a pleasure to come to Sunday service” -Nicole Please note that our service is bi-lingual (Spanish-English)

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El Being One Center de estudios espirituales y sanación Universal es una comunidad espiritual sin fines de lucro de voluntarios trabajando para unir a personas de todos los caminos espirituales para la gloria de la unidad. Que reúne la amplia gama de enseñanzas de las tradiciones espirituales más grandes del mundo nos inspiran esperanza, sanación y transformación de nosotros mismos a través de la mente, cuerpo y alma para el bien más alto.

Como una comunidad abierta y solidaria, les facilitamos un espacio sagrado para cada buscador de la verdad para encontrar las herramientas que necesitan para sanar y crecer como seres espirituales de luz y amor. Nuestros facilitadores internos proporcionan salud holística, coaching, modalidades curativas complementarias y alternativas y desarrollo espiritual de todo bajo un mismo techo. Juntos aprendemos a identificar y superar los obstáculos en nuestras vidas que nos impiden vivir una vida de paz y alegría.

Algunos de los temas que cubrimos son metafísica, desarrollo psíquico, meditación, guías espirituales, Proyección Astral, registros Akárschicos, hipnosis, aceites esenciales, Alquimia y las artes de sanación energéticas como Reiki, IET, curación de alquimia divina, para nombrar unas.

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Ofrecemos un espacio abierto donde mucha gente viene a compartir sus ideas y opiniones sobre su philosophia de vida y espiritualidad. No siempre estará de acuerdo con todas las ideas expresadas pero recuerde que son parte de los derechos de expresión de cada individuo. Además, no somos médicos o centro de tratamiento médico y como tal no podemos diagnosticar o brindar atención médica profesional. Nuestros facilitadores están bien capacitados en sus áreas de conocimientos pero cualquier enseñanzas o información brindada en grupo o individual debe ser considerada como opinión y no confundir con profesionales, legales, financieros, médicos u otros consejos que uno Normalmente, busca bajo Consejo profesional.

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