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This is a group in the abstract and less physical sense of experience. If Hellfast were to be the centre, this might draw in the members from afar as though from a whole universe into an unseen quarter. Therefore I do not wish to limit the area very much in the first instance. Later on local circles could become reorganized and conveniently brought into social communities. This new hub is topograghy & perhaps the circumference of a new galaxy ? Diaspera could find a way.

This process would be the reorganisation of the members into harmonic groups. Each group should become an expression of the trine harmonic of the moon, for example. Notwithstanding anyone can belong to any number of groups, for example the trine of mercury (as a solar logarithm, i.e. three dates in any year; always the same dates ) would promote a harmonious communication group. Once anybody has discovered a friend or two in overlapping circles, who in these groups coincide with their own matching double or triple preferences, these they may bind to their hearts & souls with hoops of steel. Can Google or Yahoo help with circles to come ?

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