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Microservices with Stijn Van den Enden & Andreas Evers

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Hey everyone,

On Tuesday, the 20th of October we'll organize another BeJUG event around the topic Microservices. We would like to thank Tobania for hosting this event.

Microservices are a true hype these days. Netflix, Amazon, eBay, … are all using microservices, but why? The idea is simple; split your application into multiple services which can evolve autonomously through time. The name suggests to keep these services small. Conceptually this seems not all that different from a classical Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Nonetheless, microservices do offer a new perspective. A monolithic application is divided into a couple small services which can be independently developed, deployed and scaled. Flexibility is increased, but using this model also has some pitfalls.This session sheds a light on the microservices landscape; the key drivers for using the pattern, tooling to support development and maintenance, and the pros and cons that go with it. We’ll also introduce some key design principles that can be used in creating and modelling these modular enterprise applications.

This time we'll meet in Business Faculty Brussel where Tobania welcomes us at 6pm. Presentations will start around 7pm.

Hope to see you all soon!