What we're about

The love for the loving Creator and love for Humanity is the common ground of our group’s members and is at the core of our existence. The infinite love received from the most loving God, puts a correct perspective on our lives where we thrive to be at our best and fully reach our full potentials that the most loving God has ordained for us. Once humanity comes together under the love of the most high Creator and reflects this love onto one-another with the best of intentions, and through righteous deeds and actions, humanity then is steered in the right path, and the soul is cultivated and enriched and ready for the next journey.

Our group is a place where like-minded Believers of all origins get together to connect with one another, network, learn & grow, contribute to each other’s success & well-being and give back to society by helping out causes where needs exist. The love of the most high God and Humanity brings us together and makes us feel fulfilled personally and spiritually as we engage purposefully with each other. We achieve this by engaging our members in fun, healthy, positive and professional settings on weekly and monthly occasions.

The categorised activities include:
- Networking sessions where our members can connect both professionally and personally and form business and life partnerships and friendships.
- Group initiatives to help out a humanitarian cause, ie. attend to the needy, elderly, disabled, less fortunate, etc. via hands on approach
- Healthy fun events utilising the outdoors, sporting facilities, restaurants, entertainment outlets, etc. where our members can connect deeper
- Attending seminars, talks, workshops, forums, etc. conducted by other good souls that promote similar values as our group

What makes our group and each member’ experience flourish is the simple fact that what brought all of us together in the first place was the burning love we have for our beloved God, and how this love is the basis of us conducting our lives to the best of our ability and making much positive contributions to ourselves, our society and our environment as we go about fulfilling our lives and cultivating our souls. God loves us indefinitely and by us receiving this love fully, and properly magnifying this love onto each other a most powerful and encompassing network is formed that streams outmost love, positivity and prosperity.

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