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'Belly-Boomba' Belly Dance is an aerobic style of dance fitness that is similar to ZUMBA but focuses mainly on BellyDance moves rather than Latin ones!

The purpose of this group is to encourage others, to gain strength, endurance, and fitness while learning some of the basic fundamental movements of BellyDance.

After gaining quite a bit of weight and an increased amount of stress, after I stopped teaching dance, I realized it would be beneficial to try and lose the weight (UGGGhhh) and get back into shape while helping other ladies and gals of all shapes, ages, and sizes do the same, in a safe supportive, no judgement zone atmosphere, all while swaying to the sultry music of the middle east and meeting nice like minded ladies.

I tried Zumba for a while, but and realized it would be more natural for me to teach 'Belly-Boomba' instead, with my background in BellyDance and as the soft and circular or undulating movements involved in this ancient feminine dance form are fairly natural to a woman's body at all stages of life, unlike dance forms such as ballet that require learning movements that are much more strenuous and forced. In fact some historians believe that original purpose of many of the basic movements involved in the dance like undulations and hip circles involving the hips and abdomen including the 'Core" we all love to talk about, are believed to have been used or taught in ancient times in order to help ease the pains of childbirth.

The other purpose of the group is to have at least one or two monthly meetings where we not only burn some calories and strengthen our cores, but equally as important, we release all our cares and woes for a while and de-stress completely. I'm counting on this being the push I need to get back into jeans and out of these damn yoga pants! lol

Ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes encouraged to attend as it truly is an ancient dance form for modern women that celebrates the feminine divine in all of us :)

Other reasons for this meetup: All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

Working girls, stay at home moms, goddesses of all types all need to step out and connect with other women

in safe fun creative environments.

Hoping to create a community of like minded ladies with a positive tone.

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