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Where ALL friends meet!
The purpose of this group is to bring everyone in the community together and for everyone to feel welcome. Introverts and newbies are my specialty. I’m usually quite good at making others feel welcome. It’s my “thing”! 😜

Who are you? Drop me a line!
I love meeting all kinds of people! All orientations. All colors. All beliefs! Just NO TROLLS!
. . .

The basics:

1. BE KIND, or be gone!
Consider that others may be waiting to join an event, but may not if they see it is full. So DON'T BE A SPOT-BLOCKER!
Pay your fee (if any) AS SOON as you are on a "going" list.
And DO JOIN THE WAITLISTS! You never know when others don’t pay, and get moved to “not going”! 🤨

You must have an avatar photo of your face so others feel comfortable knowing who will be at the event(s).

3. NAMELY: your name.
You're a somebody! BE a somebody! Please have your name displayed so others know how to respectfully address you.

4. NO PHOTOS, please!
Of COURSE you can take photos! Hey! I’d like to be in some shots that aren’t narcissistic looking selfies too, ya know! 😜 Just PLEASE send them directly to: imaBelonger@gmail.com. It takes far too long for me to copy, delete, remove and reorganize the photos you post directly to the site. This is done for marketing and attendance reasons you may not know/understand.

5. YEARLY DUES: $16 via Venmo/Zelle/CashApp to: imaBelonger@gmail.com
Due before your second meetup. OR before a boating event (if that is your first meetup) - I don't do those for profit, and usually only allow friends aboard. Be honored! Feel privileged! I think you're worth it! 🥰😎🤗

YOU MAY NOT JOIN a boating social event as a newbie to Belongers Social Club.
Boat excursions are for friends only! You ALL KNOW I love seeing everyone happy! 😁
Previous #5 has remained unchanged, but was abused.

Real friends know who they are and how to be in touch.
We will CONTINUE to share the cost of gas, grats, food, water etc.
I’ll post what the total so we can share in the cost. Text or DM me to get in touch.
Send your $hare the same ways as outlined here. They’re all my personal accounts.

NO NEWBIES ALLOWED on boat socials 😝
It’s MY boat membership, not a “charter”!
If I invite people to swim in my pool and they’re asked to share the cost of snacks gas, it doesn’t mean I’m running a bar out of my backyard! 🤣
My money. My time. OUR FUN!

20+ hours of my freed-up time goes to our group, EVERY WEEK!
NO ONE donates to the time/cause.
I would be the worst “business person”, EVER with the NEGATIVE Belongers produce. 🤣
Money is spent to keep Belongers Social Club in existence. TRUST!

I really love seeing old faces and meeting new friends.
Love you all! ❤️

So please think about how much time, effort and money these events take to create/execute, for friends to get together. Even beach events, when you show up 2 hours late, who took the time to set up early just to sit around and wait to feed you? You'll be kicked off the island for sure! 😎🏝 🤣😇


Ciao 😘😘

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