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BenchMark in San Francisco

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How often do you get to ask the questions you really have about someone?

What if you didn't have to ask all the regular get-to-know-you-where-do-you-live kinds of questions, but could ask anything you were interested in knowing about them?

You would get a fun and unique evening.

Join us for an evening of communication games through which the attendees get to know each other, improve their communication skills and have a fun time!

You are welcome to bring friends. Whether you have just met or have known one another for years, you always learn something you didn't know about a person at a BenchMark.

The commitment for the evening is $11 or whatever, please arrive a little early to register. There will be a break for refreshments midway through the evening.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. See you there!